If you care about the Economy, Healthcare, Racial Inequality, Supreme Court appointments, the Pandemic, the Environment, Foreign Election Interference, Worker’s Rights, Climate Change, etc…

You need to Vote for Democrats to Take Majority Control of the Senate and House in order to REPEAL and REPLACE all the bad and amoral laws, rules and regulations that Trump and his GOP Majority secretly passed to help Corporations over the best interests of ordinary People:


Trump HHS supports lawsuits challenging Obamacare protections for Pre-Existing Conditions

Trump HHS/GOP policies cut Medicaid/CHIP healthcare to more than 800,000 children

Trump Ag Dept slashed SNAP Food Stamp benefits and increased work requirement

Trump HUD raised rent for low-income families to pay more for worse housing

Trump DOD/HHS/DOJ/DoEd passing Anti-LGBTQ rules to end transgender protections

Trump CFPA allows payday lenders to charge the poor with usury interest rates >1000%

Trump Labor Dept issued Tip Pooling Rules that lets Restaurant Owners keep worker tips

Trump DHS border policies  exacerbate and politicize the border crisis with family detentions

Trump Treasury Dept cut taxes for corporations, then cut social programs for nation’s poor

Trump Interior removes Endangered Species Act protections, hastening species extinctions

Trump EPA denies global warming and allows: use of agriculture-harming Bee-killing pesticide

Trump EPA allows unregulated industrial run-off of known carcinogens, PFOA & PFOS into local rivers

Trump EPA allows coal-fired power plants to increase emissions of neurotoxic mercury and CO2

Trump EPA allows new coal regulations to proceed even after EPA scientists warn it will kill 1,000s

Plus 100s more travesties via Brookings Institute list of Regulatory pullbacks by Trump